At Pāmu, we’ve spent 130 years getting to know nature. We are Kaitiaki – guardians – of nature. The care and respect of nature’s lands, animals and people comes first in everything we do. As creators of the finest natural food since 1886, we are transforming the way food is produced, naturally, with passion, curiosity and innovative fresh thinking.

Natural means that our animals thrive on a grass-fed diet and are free roaming. We never feed imported ingredients like palm kernel expeller (PKE) synthetic or artificial feed, GMO or antibiotics. Natural means there is no need for artificial flavours or additives to our products – we produce them just as nature intended, with the least amount of processing possible. Our fortified products give a naturally nutritious boost to your diet, and are packed with natural goodness derived from nature, like DHA from algae and lutein from marigolds.

Naturally grown, naturally nutritious, and naturally delicious.

Pāmu, Naturally New Zealand.


Pāmu Deer Milk is sourced from the lush countryside of the South Island, New Zealand. It not only offers exquisite flavours, but is a sophisticated ingredient with endless possibilities. 

To find out more about Pamu Deer Milk and its applications here.  

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing Pāmu Deer Milk, currently only available in New Zealand.


Our dairy cows are raised naturally across lush meadows, producing the purest milk that New Zealand has to offer. They have free range access to fresh pasture and are grass fed every day of the year. Our milk is GMO free, contains no antibiotics and no added growth hormones.

Purchase a can of our Pāmu Pure Organic Milk Powder here.


Pāmu venison is always popular on a menu. It’s easy to work with, is available fresh year round and comes with our guarantee of quality and provenance. Every cut is consistent in specification and flavour. Our venison is buttery with a gentle richness, with less fat and more antioxidant vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids than comparable cuts. Pāmu venison is the finest quality lean meat, it delivers fantastic yield with little or no waste.

Purchase our premuim Pāmu venison products today by contacting the teams at Carve, Duncan or Broadleaf.


With more than 130 years of experience, we know how the unique combination of farming practices, diet, rainfall and sunshine creates the finest tasting lamb. Pāmu Nature’s Finest lambs thrive on a 100% grass diet, and they grow quickly, producing a tender, sweet, and buttery flavoured lamb with a mild aroma. And with farms across New Zealand, we can supply what is usually a seasonal delicacy, all year round.


Our naturally raised beef can be found on tables around the world. We offer premium, hand-selected grass fed prime steer, which is produced from predominantly Angus and Simmental sired cattle. Certified GMO and hormone free, our grass fed beef is a leaner choice and provides the health benefits of good essential fats like omega-3 fatty acids.


Our farms provide ideal conditions to grow New Zealand’s highest-quality wool fibre.

New Zealand wool is highly prized and we produce over 2,500 tonnes of high quality, strong wool fibre used in carpets and fabrics all over the word.

We work in close partnership with some of the most high quality wool distributors and manufacturers. Check out our Partners below to learn more.

Spring Sheep Milk Co.

Spring Sheep Milk Co. is a boutique nutrition company from New Zealand. We create high-value branded nutrition food products made with milk from our happy sheep, and export them to global growth markets. Our business is a unique partnership between Pāmu Farms of New Zealand, and boutique sales and marketing company SLC Group. Together we're combining the best farming know-how and resources, with branding and in-market expertise.


As a part of our innovation strategy, we have developed partnerships to bring specific expertise to our business so we can focus on farming.